School of Business and Financial Studies

Welcome to the School of Business and Financial Studies of Cross River Institute of Technology and Management, Ugep. The School is not an independent School or Polytechnic. It is an integral arm of Cross River Institute of Technology and Management, Ugep offering National Diploma of Cross River Institute of Technology and Management. It became a School in 2017 to conform to Nigeria Polytechnic Standard. The first batch of students into the School of Business was admitted in 2017/2018 academic session The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. The School has succeeded in evolving a culture and procedure of course administration which has proved itself useful in maintaining the high level of excellence in performance for which the graduates of the Institute and the School of Business and Financial Studies are marked. The approach adopted in course management, administration and student’s performance assessment is similar to most successful School of Business and Financial Studies of Polytechnics in Nigeria and elsewhere.

By the authority of the Academic Board, the School among other responsibilities supervises, coordinates and plans activities relating to the Diploma programmes within the School for the Institute. It has the overall responsibility for management and control of approved National Diploma programmes/courses run in the school/departments. All National Diploma students in the School shall be deemed to be admitted into and pursuing courses of study under the overall supervision of the School of Business and Financial Studies.

Administration / Organization of the School

The School is headed by the Dean School of Business and Financial Studies whose functions in conformity with the regulations of the Academic Board and the Institute determined by his dual role as the Chairman of the School Board and Officer of the Institute.

The school is currently hosting National Diploma (ND) programmes in three (3) departments;

  1. Department of Accountancy
  2. Department of Business Administration & Management
  3. Department of Public Administration

and will later commence National Diploma (ND) programmes in the following six (6) departments

  1. Department of Banking and Finance
  2. Department of Cooperative Economics and Management
  3. Department of Local Government Studies
  4. Department of Marketing Management
  5. Department of Office and Technology Management
  6. Department Purchasing & Supply Management


Staff of the School  

The school is currently made up of the following staff;

  1. Dean
  2. Head of Department of Accountancy & Financial Studies
  3. Head of Department of Business Administration & Management
  4. Head of Department of Public Administration
  5. All Academic Staff of the School
  6. School/Department Secretaries
  7. School/Departments Administrative and Clerical Officers.

Board of the School

The board of the school is made up of the following;

  1. Dean             Chairman
  2. Heads of Departments Members
  3. One Academic staff from each department Members
  4. School Secretary Secretary
  5. Administrative Officer                          Member

Location of the School

The School of Business and Financial Studies is located in the main campus of Cross River Institute of Technology and Management, Ugep. All correspondence should be addressed to;

The Dean

School of Business and Financial Studies

Cross River Institute of Technology and Management,

PMB. 016, Ugep,

Cross River State


Centre For Educational Service (CES)

In other to enhance the spirit of learning and cater for more quests for education, the Institute established the Centre for Educational Service (CES) in 2017 to manage the Part-time Studies. The centre is focused towards accommodating people who cannot attend the full regular programme due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. The centre took off 3 years ago with a view of reducing the rate of illiteracy within the nation beginning with the Cross State and her neighbouring states. To this end, the Centre is currently running academic programmes in its department a follows;

  • Accountancy
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Hospitality Management
  • Leisure Tourism
  • Computer science
  • Mass Communication
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture

Qualification for Admission

Any person who deserves to run through Part-time Studies programme must have attended a secondary school and have obtained a West African Examination Certificate or Senior Secondary School Certificate, in five subjects relevant to the course of study or WAEC equivalent, as approved by NBTE.

The Centre usually advertises through website social media platforms, calling for new intakes who are interested in the programme.

The Centre provides lecturers from the regular staff and as well appoints lecturers on part-time bases to add to the permanent staff, thereby, enhancing good quality teaching and learning.

Any permanent lecturer who teaches any course in the part-time department is usually paid honorarium and those appointed as part-time lecturers are paid honorarium as well depending on their mode of their appointment.

This is an encouragement to avoid corrupt practices; the honorarium or stipend is payable at the end of every semester after marking and submission of results.